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Date: 3.16.16

Time: 3:16 pm
JOHN  3:16

God Answers Prayer John 3:16 Day Video


February 2016

Good news! Communications Director, Chine McDonald of the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom stated that the UK churches will stand in solidarity around John 3:16 and pray for unity among the church worldwide. Excerpt from a Skype interview to air on Channel 20, Santa Clarita, California.  

<< Check out diversity among the UK church:

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"With all the spiritual warfare, conflict, tension and strife we are seeing in our world today (ie: politically, racially, socially & economically, etc.) there is no greater time for the believers to come together in unity and purpose to be bright "beacons of Christ's light!"  
2016 (Pastor Pete Mano, Hope Vineyard)

5-Year Anniversary!  March 16, 2011established the first John 3:16 Day. Let's celebrate this five year milestone. We are participating by calling on believers of every language to pause in unity and reverence for God's amazing love shown in John 3:16. Your voice is needed to shower the world and fill the atmosphere with God's Word. 


Sunday, March 6th and 13th, 7:30pm Local television airs John 3:16 Day special. Los Angeles area, Time Warner CH 20 / ATT U-verse CH 99 or streaming worldwide on


Hope Vineyard Church connects with John 3:16 with a missionary to Israel to help distribute 8,000 roses with John 3:16 attached.  Thumbs up church!


IMark your calendar for Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 3:16pm, to say, pray, and share John 3:16, just one minute out of our busy day, simultaneously in EVERY LANGUAGE around the world.  It's so easy.  What a joy-filled minute we can share together!


John 3:16 Day Television Special


Good News!  Rabbi Gary discusses John 3:16 in light of 3.16.16 at 3:16pm. John 3:16 is for all cultures. Excerpts from a local TV program, Santa Clarita, CA.

Good News!  SCV-Arts & Entertainment videotape and broadcast first reactions and John 3:16 One Minute Around the World videos. Local television airing in Santa Clarita


3.16.16 at 3:16pm


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 3:16pm, to say, pray, and share John 3:16, just one minute out of our busy day, simultaneously around the world.

What an easy way to remember and realize that we are one in Christ. Just a one minute pause to celebrate and revere the most precious verse and connect with other believers around the world. In the midst of strife and racial tension, it can connect cultures and languages, cross the denominational divide, and point to God's love for people instead of political polarization.  

It's not really all about social media, it's about showering the world with the Word simultaneously.  Social media is, however, a tool to post awesome ideas, stories, photos, and video which encourages the Great Commission through this one minute mission.  Hashtag: #john316 #the316mission

Local TV to air John 3:16 in the Georgian and Russian languages. Below are Korean and Mandarin Chinese. 

Vera.  Originally from Prague sends a photo of John 3:16 written in Czech!

John 3:16 T-shirt that kicked off John 3:16 Day One Minute Around the World is a souvenir collectible at Passages / Museum of the Bible. Santa Clarita, CA

#the316mission    #John316

Tell your family, friends, youth group, life group, Bible study, missions, about sharing the love of John 3:16.  #the316mission

John 3:16

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